Chapter 1 Quiz Questions

1.              What is Hypertext

2.              What is a Web Server?

3.              What is a Web Browser?

4.              How do a Web Server and a Web Browser work together?

5.              What is HTML?

6.              How do HTML documents differ from documents created with a word processor like Word or Word Perfect?

7.              What are the advantages of letting Web browsers determine the appearance of Web pages?

8.              What are HTML extensions?

9.              What are some advantages and disadvantages of using extensions?

10.          What software program do you need to create an HTML document?

11.          Describe the syntax for creating a centered heading1.

12.          Describe the syntax for creating a paragraph.

13.          If you want to display several paragraphs, why can’t you simply type and extra blank line in the HTML file?

14.          Describe the syntax for creating an ordered list, an unordered list, and a definition list.

15.          Give two ways of italicizing text in your Web document. What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of each method?

16.          How would you insert a copyright symbol, ă, into your Web page?

17.          What is the syntax for inserting a horizontal line into a page?

18.          Using the Netscape Navigator extension, what is the syntax for creating a horizontal line that is 70% of the display width of the screen and 4 pixels high?

19.          What is an inline image?

20.          What is an external image?

21.          What is the syntax for inserting a left-aligned graphic named “mouse.jpg” into a Web document as an inline image?

22.          What graphic file formats can you use with inline images?