Cisco - Computer Networking

Cisco is a 4 trimester course to teach high school students how to design, build and maintain networks.

Trimester 1 -  Basic Networking principals good for any brand networking. Students create a basic network of 4 computers to share files and access the internet.  The OSI model is the basic foundation for the course.
Chapter Vocabulary & Questions

Trimester 2 - Students learn how to setup and configure a Cisco router. The entire trimester focuses on being able to programs the routers.
Chapter Vocabulary & Questions  

Trimester 3
- Local Area Networks. Students plan and design a LAN for a elementary school based on the Threaded Case Study. All lessons focus around the design and Threaded Case Study.
Chapter Vocabulary & Questions

Trimester 4 - Routing Protocols & Wide Area Networks. Students broaden their LAN plans to design the WAN for the elementary school district. All lessons focus around the routing protocols needed  for the Threaded Case Study.
Chapter Vocabulary & Questions

General Requirements
Prerequisites: None
Textbook: None (Notes & Assignments will be given)
Materials: pen, paper, 3-ring binder


Content Standards

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